Montgomery Bell State Park

Montgomery Bell Go Green

Montgomery Bell State Park has completed the Gold Recognition Level of the TN State Parks Go Green With Us Initiative and Guidelines. The guidelines include multiple areas of environmental sustainability including education and outreach, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste and recycling and much more. Congrats to this park for going above and beyond to be excellent stewards of our natural resources.

The mission of the Tennessee State Parks Go Green With Us program is to preserve and protect our state parks through sustainable park operations, resource conservation, and recycling. Program components cover a diverse array of initiatives, including energy and water conservation through equipment and operations upgrades, recycling programs, projects to enhance ecosystem health, and erosion control, among many others.

  • The Lodge at Montgomery Bell State Park received a full renovation in 2020. The new lodge, conference center, restaurant and lounge are all Tennessee Green Hospitality Program-certified. This means they have systems in place that minimize energy consumption, waste, and material consumption, while encouraging environmental improvements.
  • The Lodge offers electric vehicle charge stations.
  • Their golf course is part of the internationally-recognized Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program and Groundwater Guardian Green program, which means that their course enhances the natural landscape and wildlife habitat while also improving efficiency and minimizing potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations. Several of the park’s program components include electric mowers and golf carts which are quiet and do not disturb wildlife, targeted watering, riparian buffers, and digital irrigation monitoring.
  • The park heats and cools the cabins with a geothermal system, which concentrates the naturally existing heat within the earth to provide natural climate control from a clean, reliable, and renewable source of energy. The cabins are also Energy Star certified and environmentally responsible.
  • Montgomery Bell works to enhance the park ecosystem by planting butterfly-attracting plants, encouraging growth of native vegetation, and implementation of controlled burns. They have a successful relationship with Gardening Partners of Dickson County which provides them with plants and seeds to use throughout the park. 
  • They have also installed strategically placed trash and recycling dumpsters in the campground, removing all individual trash cans and placing signs informing visitors of these locations. 
  • They minimize human-caused erosion in the campground through the use of tent pads.