Montgomery Bell State Park


The primary habitat is open forest with small field openings and roadway edges. The lakes attract small numbers of waterfowl such as mallard and wood duck, and bald eagle primarily in winter. Twenty miles of trails wind through woods or adjacent to roadways or fields, allowing observation of such residents as Carolina chickadee, tufted titmouse, white-breasted nuthatch, barred owl, and many more. During migration, a variety of warblers can be seen along with breeding red-eyed and yellow-throated vireos. Northern parula can be heard or seen in summer at the creek next to the visitor center. Montgomery Bell has had 139 species identified. For more park and nearby birding locations, VIEW FLYER.

Inn Area: 36.09925, -87.27419
Paved/Grass Surface - Easy – Year-round
Wood edges and isolated trees adjacent to parking lots are good for ground-level to treetop viewing. Lake Acorn behind the inn brings in some aquatic species. Hummingbird feeders next to restaurant windows allow diners easy viewing.
Featured Birds: eastern bluebird, American robin, belted kingfisher, Canada goose, great-horned owl, summer tanager, ruby-throated hummingbird, northern flicker, red-bellied, red-headed woodpeckers, chipping sparrow.

Church Hollow: 36.09165, -87.29093
.25 Miles – Natural/Paved Surface – Easy/Moderate – Year-round
This narrow valley from Group Camp 1 Road to the McAdow cabin offers wood/field edge and stream viewing. Can be combined with the Ore Pit Trail for a .75-mile loop through open woods.
Featured Birds: broad-winged, red-tailed and Cooper’s hawk, barred owl, hairy woodpecker, northern cardinal, cedar waxwing, Louisiana waterthrush, other warblers in migration.

Hall Spring: 36.07347, -87.29196
2.0 Miles - Natural Surface – Moderate – Spring, Summer, Fall
From McAdow cabin, the Ore Pit/Montgomery Bell Trail leads through open woods to Hall Spring and the head of Lake Woodhaven, both areas having heavy understory and wetland growth.
Featured Birds: barred owl, pileated woodpecker, wood thrush, ruby and golden-crowned kinglet, Carolina wren, Kentucky and hooded warbler, white-throated and swamp sparrow.

Creech Hollow Lake: 36.08538, -87.277905
1.0 Miles - Natural Surface – Easy/Moderate – Year-round
From the parking area across from Lake Woodhaven Road, a short connector trail through open woods meets Creech Hollow Trail near the dam. The trail hugs the open lakeshore.
Featured Birds: great blue and green heron, American coot, occasional waterfowl, red-tailed hawk, great-horned owl, yellow-bellied sapsucker, red-breasted nuthatch, eastern kingbird, chimney swift, indigo bunting, common yellowthroat, American goldfinch.