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Looking for ways to support Tennessee State Parks? Our parks are free for everyone to visit and enjoy. If you love a particular park, you can donate today to help us continue investing in quality programs and services. Your donations will help make your favorite park even better! We'll use the donations for things like

  • Building and maintaining new trails
  • Feeding and care for our birds of prey (eagles, hawks, owls, etc.)
  • Providing children's programs to connect youth to the outdoors
  • Upgrading our playground equipment
  • Projects that improve visitor experience, but are not funded by the state's General Fund

"I donate because I believe having somewhere to take the kids to be immersed in nature, study wildlife, and learn history is priceless. We have made so many wonderful memories in our parks. I want to be a part of making sure we keep these places to make even more great memories for ourselves and for others." - Constance Nolan, 2021 State Park Donor

Why are state parks asking for donations? Tennessee is one of only seven states to provide free access to parks. Part of the reasoning is that we believe people should have the chance to voluntarily support the parks they love (Tenn. Code Ann. § 11-3-301). These donations go into the state park fund (Tenn. Code Ann. § 11-3-302) and help us fund the projects and efforts mentioned above. We appreciate your support of public lands in Tennessee.

Please note: Donations to state governments may qualify for itemized tax deductions. Please consult a qualified tax representative to learn more.  

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find your favorite park and donate today. You can also give through the online form

Have questions? Email with any questions related to donations or supporting Tennessee State Parks. 

"I donate because Tennessee is full of natural beauty and I want that to be explored and preserved by future generations." Alicia Berry, 2021 State Park Donor


Lend a Hand

There are lots of great ways to give your time and money to great causes in our parks. Whether you want to support Friends' Group or find a place to volunteer your time, you'll find lots of ways to get involved in our parks. 


Corporate Gifts

Is your business interested in partnering in large-scale efforts to improve the parks? The Tennessee State Parks Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) partner that works alongside the park system to put corporate donations to work on projects and programs spanning multiple parks. They raise funds for educational programs, health initiatives and special park projects that preserve, protect, and enhance the 56 state parks across Tennessee.


Join the Trail Pack

Join us in protecting, enhancing, and constructing trails at Tennessee State Parks by donating to the Trail Pack. Your generous donations go directly to trails, helping us ensure they are the best they can be.

Donate to Support Trails

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Each Trail Pack donation provides direct funding to the Tennessee State Parks trails program, supporting the future of your favorite trails. They help us repair trail structures, purchase tools for maintenance, and enhance the education of the staff who care for our trails.

The Perks

Every $25 donation comes with two annual Trail Pack stickers to show your support for trails. Grab some stickers for yourself, your hiking buddies, and your family! You can also donate without receiving stickers if you'd like.

Please note: Stickers are only available through online orders. They are not available at the park offices, gift shops, etc.

Spring Into Action for Trails

This spring, we're celebrating trails at Tennessee State Parks. The Trail Pack is looking to raise $60,000 in support by Memorial Day 2022. We encourage you to consider the value of trails in your life and give what they're worth to you!


Your Impact

Every donation makes a difference! One donation of $25 could pay for one tank of trail machine fuel, fourteen new trail markers, or four feet of new trail. Check out some of the projects that Trail Packs has supported with donated funds:

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